Building Bridges America, Inc.

Helping Heroes Without Homes

Memphis First Distr #2

A Bit of Background

Memphis Gold, a Vietnam Veteran and Navy service member of 14 years, was homeless for a while after leaving the Navy. One day, he stopped into a pawn shop, picked up the guitar, and started playing. The owner let him take it for free, and Memphis began to play on the streets for pocket change. He eventually hit it and hit it big. 
After seeing all the homeless veterans, Memphis and his wife, reflecting on his homelessness and experiencing the difficulties of navigating the Department of Veterans Affairs for services he was entitled to, decided that they want to give back and help Disabled and Homeless Veterans. 
Memphis has recorded over four full-length Delta Blues Albums and perform on Nine international tours.


Ways We Help

Distributing Daily Necessities & PPE

Helping The Community

Therapeutic Relief Through the Arts

Helping to Navigate the obstacles of PTSD

Free Music Concerts For Homeless & Disabled Vets

One Step at a Time

Free Musical Instruments and Lessons 

Transportation to Veteran Services

"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does."

William James

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